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Here are are the prototype and experimental audios I have been working on for the past several years.

Most of these are pretty self explanatory, but if you need extra support - please either send an email to heavysm@gmail.com, or comment below.


Emotional Cleansing Lite (free) - Guides you through a mild to moderate emotional and mental cleanse. You will know generally what your issues are and that they are gradually being dealt with with a mild cleansing. Can take 2 - 3 months of continuous use for this to adequately deal with all internal problems, issues and blocks within your subconscious mind.

Light Heal ($20) – Mild release of everything nasty and negative from our past that isn’t serving us well at all, then guides us on a small detox and brings us more of a positive beliefs and emotions, then mildly boosts mental clarity.

Deep Heal ($40) – Incredibly deep detox of everything from your present and past with deep and cleansing release of the negativity of your past with positive outlook, and mental clarity, insight and mild intuition boost to help balance everything out.

Deepest Heal ($60) - Experience the fullest and deepest release from current and past emotional, mental and physical negativity and subconscious garbage your life could possibly handle. Mild emotional buffer included, but this can be very intense if you have a lot of internal negativity you know that you cling onto.

Enhanced Learning & Memory ($50) - Develops your daily mental clarity, focus and memory generally over several weeks and months of use. Best used while you are either attempting to learn or memorize certain material, or just as a daily mental focus and memory aid.

Defeat The Cold & Flu ($50) - Guides your mind and body to overcome and as quickly as possible...defeat whatever illness possesses your mind body and spirit. To be used when you notice the first symptoms of your ailment hitting your body and senses.

Complete Life Detox ($50) - Cleanse and release from all the current and past trash thinking, actions and beliefs that you somehow could not move on from, then detox everything over a several month period of letting go and deep cleansing. Best if used with deep heal or deepest heal.

Ultimate Success & Luck ($50) - Changes your core beliefs so that you are thinking and eventually acting based on success and living a life that reflects true luck, fortune and serendipity as a daily and weekly occurrence.

Life Clarity ($100) – Brings you to understand yourself, what you want out of life, then shifts your thoughts, beliefs and emotions to be far more positive and upbeat in general. Causes you to release from past tension and negativity in such a way that you can move forward with success and removal of negative money beliefs leading you to build a better financial life.


Please message me directly at heavysm@gmail.com if you would like to purchase any of these music tracks - they come as multiple nature sounds with my messages embedded below the conscious threshold.


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