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These are a series of writings made to open your soul and mind (hopefully mutually) so that everything just aligned within your world view and life as a whole...

Nothing will be out of place - but you just might realize that everything is within reach...in a very different way, but only if you shift your perspective in order to see things just that much differently.

If nothing else, this should tweak and alter your perception to such a degree that everything somehow...someway -

Suddenly makes sense - but only in a vastly different way.


Here's what I have to offer:

Cosmic Truth & Personal Ascension - Level 1

To Feel The Devil Up Close - Level 2

Understanding Liberty As A Way Of Life - Level 3

Destroying Old Paradigms - Level 4

To Life Within Grace And Divinity - Level 5

Cosmic Understanding & Personal Truth - Level 6


Be warned that this is an incredibly intense series to undertake, and that it would likely take a few years to get through everything.

Understand that the first level must be purchased first prior to ascending to each of the higher levels - and that will be exactly what you want to do over time, and nothing can hold you back from finally...

You just have to see what each level of this...whatever you wish to call this stuff - happens to hold for you and your conscious mind.

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