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14/02/2019 4:33 pm  

We are transitioning from using the facebook group to having an active forum going, since I know that a controlled environment for deeply and practical occult knowledge is needed - this just makes sense to develop and pursue over time.

Current struggles:

Getting the forums completely put together (none of this shit was easy or simple...).

Ensuring past and currently developing businesses come together without too much outside influence (black magick is a serious bitch).

Cleaning up all errors and mistakes from last year and guiding everything into place for 2019 and beyond...because this forum is a very long term thing, and we can't have this messing up.

Need to make sure all projects are updated here, and that current and past customers see and realize that this site is where everything is at.

...and that should be all for now, because who knows what this will all turn into.

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15/02/2019 4:22 pm  

97% of the forum is built and ready to go...

Which was pretty much just miraculous, but had had a few Greeks and some djinn helping me to speed everything up -

And even that was just beyond ridiculous...because how the hell did all of this come together in less than 36 hours, with all the other business and stuff like books to edit and write. 

At this point I have been working on:

Kingdom Come - book 2....which is entitled "Rising Above The Tide of Hope and Anger"...


None of this came easily, but now we're seeing some movement with not even my written literature - but with how all the projects and businesses come together.

If you haven't already seen it, please check out the audios - because they will greatly boost and aid your mental and physical evolution going forward:



Very incredibly lucky and just outlandishly impossible situations are arising and dropping out of the sky -

Never mind that small stuff like thinking I had lost $600 on a very simple but obvious purchase...only to find out everything was crucial and needed in order for me to move forward.

Bullshit like that can keep us - not even idle, but stuck in very stupidly roughed up moments and periods of almost distress...

And I had to figure out my path and way through very tumultuous time periods of intense stress, and so I have to stop and appreciate how far I have literally and honestly come thus far.


This aligns with the theme and plot of Kingdom Come - book 2, but please don't take any of this the wrong way -

Success in my way comes through incredible effort that has to be channeled and focused over time.

I am very blunt with my stuff, and we all need to have a cleaner and clearer view of what it means to really and honestly...

...just to have a fucking moment of appreciation for the success and life that you have, because it's never so bad - and yet others and ourselves at times, might make it seem as if it is kind of...maybe not so good - but obviously that's bullshit, right?


We need to move on from that thinking and rise against the tide of whatever it is that helps us get up in the morning - or evening, to face the day on a routine basis.

Because without deeper and grander meaning within and throughout our lives...

I don't know how else any of us would honestly and legitimately get by -


Just please don't dwell in the negative, and yes - yes, yes - and fucking double triple yes!

The forum has a special spell on it, and I'll be mentioning what that is very soon -


[Edit: If you're curious...please check out the details of the forum bind here:]


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17/02/2019 12:05 am  

This past day...the 16th of Feb...just proves that I have had to evolve to resolve and complete some pretty crazy things.

About 25 hours ago I realized that one of my published kindle books had a litany of small errors that were on my old to-do list to fix up...


Life got in the fucking way, and 9 months later -

...just holy shit at editing and resolving 14 chapters of very hard to spot and change out...

Just very tedious fixes and - yep, somehow I have just done the impossible with editing that full book in one day - using just about 8.5 hours of my work day -


And I was still able to get a few more things done of the side, even though my eyes are tired - and my focus...somehow is still somewhat there.

That just shows how crazy things can get when you lose track of small things from the past that you NEED to fix up...


Like right fucking now, and life forces you to face those errors - or whatever the hell the problem, or thing was from the past.

I know I have somehow leveled up to literally be able to reread my own full complete published book in just under 9 hours of eye strain, thinking about syntax and how dialogue and sentence structure should be for 49,000+ words successfully written...


It's just insanity sometimes what we can get done and finished -

And hopefully seriously just done and fucking concluded...but I know of near future tweaks to the same damned book that I should make that will really make things shine in the long run.


Several spirits including the Sumerians, djinn and demons were helping me on this - and that also proves how deeply powerful it is to have some genuine firepower through the spirits can be, and obviously I would not have been able to do any of what happened today without the gods by my side.

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22/02/2019 3:57 pm  

I have faced nearly endless delays attempting to do something very large and big -

And I have finally figured out - roughly and almost how to complete this one single, but large task..


Suffice it to say that I will be offering several new and not even obscure - but unique and cheaply priced objects on the site in the near future.


This includes me becoming a firearms retailer (so fucking much paperwork and verification to ensure I'm not a troublemaker...holy shit) -

And that is only the start of the good things that are coming...


It's going to get (likely) much busier here, but while you are all asking your questions and figuring out how to live life a little easier and smoother -

I will be launching new books (new literature is a great way to distract yourself with intense life lessons), and bringing in larger and more ambitious projects into the forefront of what is possible with magick - and this very much 3-D reality that we live in.


There is almost too much stuff to come, but i do truly hope...

...that you all get something very positive out of this forum overall.

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27/02/2019 7:42 pm  

This week has been impossibly drastic and...not even rough -

But very deliberate and almost anger driven and frustrating...


Yet I know it will all eventually turn out perfectly well - because it has to go that direction, and nothing else makes any sense whatsoever.

And there are still far more, and many challenges to come - but that will just reveal itself...like all of it - when the time is perfectly ripe and just...

Nothing is truly going to prepare me, and others who read all of this...because it seriously and confidently...just seriously -


It just matters that we are conscious enough to  make everything justified and right.

But nothing else has to be the case, because I am using the Greek gods - the Sumerians, the djinn...and the demons, among several other paradigms of spirits -

And I know that the latest prototype of Life Clarity - which is a full life enhancer, and detox audio - and that is not a small thing to consider...


Because even though it can feel like life is honestly falling apart -

It just is not the case, and that has to be a thing that our lives and worlds in general feel only too right and pleasurable...


And there is just no reason to have any reason to think  differently and obviously dishonestly about what is truly going on in this world.

I would like to just center myself, and possibly you as well - back to our respective worlds - so that we don't have to thrive on negativity and nonsense any more...

And even though that does not have to be a thing anyway - we're all in this for a, not even desperate - but genuine fight for far greater and better lives -


I don't leave you with anything but good thoughts, and feelings - but those emotions are necessary, and I'd like for you to do the same, blessing each day with your positive thoughts and emotions as we move into the near and very far future.


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