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You have to understand that this is something crazy different -

And I'm not about to sell you on anything...

But really - and truly...honestly -

I don't give a shit about money when it comes to this stuff.


This is what I have regarding life purpose and success, and if you want to be part of it - there you have it:

Life Purpose & Success - Level 1

Opulence & Earth Shattering Discovery - Level 2

Wealth & Understanding Nothingness - Level 3

Prosperity As It Relates To The Whole - Level 4

Destroying The Idea Of Happiness - Level 5

To Drive Into A New Reality - Level 6


Obviously, we have to play by your rules...

And if you have chosen wisely or even sincerely playfully positively -


...no one cares - almost, at this point - and we just have to move on.

Please enjoy my literature of short and longer length stories if you seriously can't strike the buy button of this pages of...anything -

Because life is about to open wide spread, and it will all hurt quite a bit...


If you elect to express yourself through the -

And I've already lost...not even interest, but big brother doesn't want either of us to succeed - and we just need to act quickly.

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