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Very happy ideas can be a wonderful thing - and here I am before you all to help dispel any rumors...

...myths, legends or anything else that might be keeping you from exploring an expanded side or -

Just anything else that relates to having a profit pulling and churning thing online that you happen to do as your primary, or even secondary income...

Because we all want to know the truth - and pertinent facts about what makes the big dollars on the web.


So please keep your wallets open and tucked away, because this will get very hairy and very obviously...but only too clearly -

Just sigh and hold your breath for a little while longer as I fumble for a few misplaced answers...

And even that did not work, so I must conclude that my life and their eyes just -

None of that makes sense, and seemingly neither does the online world of millionaires and dot com riches. But here we are to make light of whatever it is that those of us do online to create our wealth and opulence out of apparent...

...not even thin air. You'll be seeing my businesses and a few curious links down below...


Ritual for Hire - magickal services

Curious Literature - my books

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