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With inventive spirit often comes with a very indirect and insanity based price -

I cannot speak for others - but those who I can speak for...


They just kind of already know what's going on, and that's some crazy and hairy shit -

Because we cannot believe how the world and our thoughts run together without the nonsense of other worlds and lands...


Attempting to make love and speech impediments where possible.

This all has to matter, and as I have collected experiences in business and in all other ways -


You will have a very big and deep chance to learn from the highest wisdom and insanity of the lands...

Because somehow this all has to come together in a vastly better and bigger way - and yep -


This is what I have to offer:

Opening Your Eyes Within The Matrix - Level 1

Destroying Your Comfort From Within - Level 2

Urging In That Need To Explode - Level 3

Time To Transform Into Our True Selves - Level 4

No One Needs Profit Help Than The Aliens - Level 5

Interdimensional Travels Help Us All - Level 6


No one needs to go through a full entire life without a bit of successful insight -

And this is just the beginning of all gun blasts, and firework shows that need to be examined in full without recourse.


If we just let life go without too much more examination...then we might need to get our heads and minds explored by health and medical professionals -

Because damn, and holy shit people - we just need to stop thinking so stupidly weirdly and odd.


Or else the aliens, big brother...and I do fucking literally mean them as literal actual beings that come to earth - and who have apparent control over various things in society.

None of this has to hurt, but if you prolong your evolution and ascension - it might suck very horribly to know that you have held yourself back...

And nothing else will ever be the same ever, never again...because now is the time for everything to come together.


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