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01/03/2019 7:16 pm  

Confusing items and things can't just be everywhere we step -

And although none of that should be remotely frustration, and mentally foggy...


We all have to understand that our lives and emotions just matter to ourselves and others.


Because this is all going to work out far better than you ever imagined...

But it still cannot continue to be confusing - because that is not how any of this crap...meaning in this reality and world -


Truly exists. But now you get a fresh look into the abyss, without those rose tinted goggles on.


For Influence & Deception...this is what I have to offer:


Sales Mastery & Mindset - Level 1

Deceiving The Masses - Level 2

Heinous Dark Intentions Unmasked - Level 3

Grey and Darker Weirdness Unveiled - Level 4

To See Feel and Hear The White Noise - Level 5

Blanketing Your Silence With Fear - Level 6


For Business & Success...this is what I have for you...


Opening Our Souls To True Abundance - Level 1

Slapping Awake The Populous - Level 2

Making Our Paths Completely Align - Level 3

Shifting Your Heart Into Wakefullness - Level 4

Destroying The Idea Of Unhappiness - Level 5

To Join Arms Into The Revolution - Level 6


There might be more curious reading material on this page in the near...and far future -


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