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Lies and online slander can be hefty piles of -

...and no one wants to hear about any of that, but so many people somehow - someway...

Wish to be part of it, and it is no joke that our lives and emotions in general -


Just have to be better, because if the online world of stuff and profit - and income flowing...

...if all of that exists in misconception, slander - negativity and not so mild angst and anxiety -

Then we all have to admit that we have no idea, but seriously and majestically...honestly and actually...


Some of us do truly have online businesses, and these are just two of mine already -


Ritual for Hire - magickal services

Curious Literature - my books


Keep in mind that I shall dispel and expose all lies and negativity in this section of the forum...

So please - as always - keep an open and honest mind, and the truth shall flow openly and freely -

...it will just be a very merry and fun ride to a possible, and very rewarding - but pleasurable...

I forgot the point of that - but so far, so...whatever, and yes. Those are seriously, and really my businesses in the two links above.

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