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02/03/2019 4:16 am  

...almost do this together, but I would have to say that you must obviously have a paid ritual with me first -

But that is not remotely obvious to the people who can't - or otherwise do not think like that, and we have to...


Just stop the nonsense, and continue onward - without too much regret, and just talk about what's going on.

Please also see and realize that I have my own magickal journey jotted down here:



We can do a lot of curiously amazing things together, but it won't be all for nought - and nope...

I am doing my journal and journey roughly throughout my entire life, because magick is my life -


And this is legitimately where you might want to look for the actual and real...

Custom rituals:

Magick is life — A Magickally Powerful Service to Enhance Lyfe


Please take none of this lightly - but have the spirits guide you to where you need to be.

I will likely be working with you very soon -

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