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01/03/2019 7:01 pm  

But almost trip on how reality is in general -


Really, seriously guides us forward - and toward that next level of sanity, but also...

Something far deeper that makes complete sense, and I want everyone to know that our lives and life purposes actually...technically -


Have to have meaning, and that is something far deeply grander than we could have initially thought about - or imagined directly.

Because it all has to matter during the journey, and in the end...


And this is what I have to offer:

Why Does That Even Matter? - Level 1

I Seriously Just Want The Truth - Level 2

Blunt Force Trauma As A Way Of Life - Level 3

Opening Thy Soul Into The New World Order - Level 4

To Tragically Force Truth Inwardly - Level 5

False Reality To Be Exposed - Level 6


Understanding the world and our minds as a function of...

Something far greater and more meaningful - all of that has to be some crazy purposeful shit.


And that's obviously no joke at this point, but yes - and yep - that's all I have to offer, going into the coming years - decades...


Millennia and beyond -


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